Pediatric Oral Health Exams

At Dr. Kwon Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend oral health exams twice a year, preferably during your child’s bi-annual teeth cleaning.

Our experienced pediatric dentists will examine your child for abnormalities in the development of their primary teeth, any adult teeth that may be surfacing, and plaque build-up.

Why We Perform Dental Health Exams

Dental health exams allow dentists to take a closer look at the overall health of your child’s mouth. The exam includes a routine cleaning, evaluation of the risk of tooth decay, and discussion of your child’s oral hygiene and eating habits. This appointment helps us detect issues early so they can be treated or even prevented altogether. Once the exam is completed, your child’s dentist will bring up any concerns they see, talk through any changes to make in your child’s dental hygiene routine, and demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques.

When Is It Time for A First Oral Health Exam?

Many parents may be wondering when their child should see the dentist for the first time. No worries – we’ve got your answer! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your young child to the dentist within 6 months of their first tooth coming through and no later than their first birthday. It’s never too early to be concerned with oral health, and it’s easy to remember – first tooth, first birthday, first dental visit!

At this stage of your child’s smile, your dentist will look at their feeding practices, thumb-sucking and pacifier habits, teething, and mouth cleanliness. These are all concerns that can impact your child’s oral health for life, and we want to help your child have a lifetime of healthy smiles!

What to Expect During Your Child’s Exam

Education is a priority, and it is our goal at Dr. Kwon Pediatric Dentistry to make sure your child learns the importance of practicing daily oral hygiene. Our trained and experienced team will show your child how to brush and floss properly, and we’ll discuss proper nutrition for oral health.

In any of our four northeast Atlanta offices, our trusted dental hygienists will perform your child’s cleanings and overall dental health exam. Throughout the exam, they will use various instruments and devices to gently clean stains, tartar, and plaque from your child’s teeth. Regularly scheduled cleanings also act as a discovery time as our team demonstrates proper hygiene with your child. Our focus is education and prevention, so we may recommend special preventative treatments, such as fluoride and sealants, that will benefit your child’s oral health.

During the exam, your dentist will check your child’s teeth, jaw, and oral tissues, including examining primary or baby teeth and any adult teeth that may be surfacing. Our team will explain their findings and let you know if your child needs follow-up treatment.

We perform X-rays only when necessary to help locate cavities or detect other abnormalities. If your child has any decay, our dentists will recommend the appropriate treatment options.

At the end of the appointment, your child will be able to pick a prize to take home as a little way of letting them know we are proud to have them as part of the Dr. Kwon Pediatric Dentistry patient family!

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